Hi there, My name is juan!
Nice to meet ya! I'm currently a Design MFA student at The Ohio State University studying immersive technology, themed entertainment, and accessibility. I'm a multidisciplinary creative thinker with a background in environment & experience design. 
I have a tremendous passion for beautiful immersive experiences that are accessible to all people. My dream is to work with a theme park or museum to develop the next generation of interactive entertainment and attractions. 
When I'm not in designer mode, I like to kick back and disconnect by building Legos, baking some killer pies, or rock climbing with friends! I have an intense love for simulation-based videogames like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Cities Skylines, and Age of Empires, and I'm also a huge theme park nerd; my favorite coaster of all time is The Beast at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio!